Girl, you’re a monster.

Girl, I don’t know you,
But I see the way you walk,
Like a body sewn back together
At the battle scars.

You’re a fucking monster,
And I mean it in the best way,
The kind to devour her demons,
Be stabbed, and merely sway.

You’re the damsel that saves the knight,
Scratch that, you’re the knight that saves everybody.
You are the fixer of holy crap messes,
The dry rock in a Class VI rapid.

Some men want you to be smaller
So they can feel big,
But you’ve never needed shelter from the storm
Because love, you are the bloody storm.

What you are not is all chain mail,
Neither are you all spikes,
You wear bright lipsticks and gush at babies,
You’re everything in between fire and ice.

For each time you are cut,
And every time you bleed,
You take your blood and paint
Beautiful sunsets and sun rises.

You don’t shut down
When they take pieces of your soul,
You take a moment to cry, then wear a broken heart
Like a god damn piece of art.

You don’t know you, and that’s the tragedy
Which the answer to a simple question solves:
Ever seen a warrior and a dove in one?
Look in the mirror, girl, that’s all you.

The nice girl who doesn’t swear.

I’m a nice girl who doesn’t swear.
So crack my head open
And pour the contents
Onto a frying pan,
Hear the squawk and sizzle
Of protein cooking with the past.
Throw the empty shell in the garbage,
And stir the browning contents,
Bet you thought a nice girl like me
Knows no bad words, no cuss words.
You’d be right.
Expletives are a strange kind of honest,
And I like my world glazed with deceit.
So I store my words in a dank, dripping cellar:
Hot, like a predator’s breath.
My words aren’t coarse, they are smooth,
Like poisoned wine, a bit fruity at times.
Cursing is too well adjusted;
My words foam, like rabid dogs
Enunciations flapping in the air like jowls.
My words aren’t in bad taste either
They are however likelier to dissolve the tongue.
Bet you’d bet a face like this could know no violence,
And that woodland creatures hop in and out of my dreams,
That my world is lit by leprechaun rainbow power
Because I am so very nice, and so very good.
Lets go with that then,
Wearing a wide-eyed, wide grin,
And talk lovely things about the nice girl,
The nice girl who doesn’t swear.