Bored Today.

Take the peeler,

And begin with your forearm,

You’ll be tempted to cry out. Don’t.

As the peels of bloody skin roll up and out,

Think of how ordinary pain is.


And remember,

Blood is blood inside the veins,

Within the body it counts,

Outside, it loses all meaning,

Just drops of red on a marble floor.


Crack. crack. crack.

My bones break one by one,

But that’s okay,

I was bored today.


Are you bored tonight?

Is your heartbeat quite right?


Listen to it a while.


Don’t drop the peeler,

Keep going even when it’s a mess,

It’s a lovely night after all,

And later, I promise, you’ll get to rest.


Wise Fools

You can’t know what you don’t know,
Because what I know, I don’t know.
And I think you know what I know or don’t.
Then who knows? Maybe everyone and no one.

Sometime while sliding over rainbows,
We hit a snag of a storm cloud,
Then we had to learn to travel by lightening,
With thunder booming loud from the stereo.

I wore a gown made from the whitest cloud,
And did my hair up with ice-crystal pins,
Twirled in fancy, with a love infancy,
You called me beautiful and cute (what?!)

Let’s jump off from the ocean into the sky,
Do a tap dance on floating ice bergs.
Let’s skate along the rings of Saturn,
And after, have tea with the red spot of Jupiter.

Should we interview the Sentilenese?
No, they would not like us in the least.
But at least we could wave,
As they threaten us with arrows and hate.

Let’s drink the drink of fools,
Go where all the insane ones go,
Because we’re a bunch of wise fools,
A bunch of wise fools who don’t know.